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Missouri ZIP Code List

This is the list of ZIP Codes in Missouri. The zip code 5, state, county, and city are displayed in the list. You can click the title to browse the detailed information.

Missouri has a total number of 1,342,319 ZIP Codes, and the first two digits range from 63-65. Not all the five-digit numbers in the range are assigned as ZIP Codes, in other words, there is some number that is not assigned.

StateCountyCityZIP Code
MOHarrison CountyDAVIS CITY50065
MOMercer CountyVILLISCA50864
MONodaway CountyBLANCHARD51630
MOAtchison CountyHAMBURG51640
MOSchuyler CountyBLOOMFIELD52537
MOScotland CountyCANTRIL52542
MOScotland CountyMOUNT STERLING52573
MOClark CountyFARMINGTON52626
MOSt. Louis CountyALLENTON63001
MOFranklin CountyCHESTERFIELD63005
MOSt. Louis CountyCHESTERFIELD63006
MOJefferson CountyARNOLD63010
MOSt. Louis CountyBALLWIN63011
MOJefferson CountyBARNHART63012
MOFranklin CountyBEAUFORT63013
MOFranklin CountyBERGER63014
MOFranklin CountyCATAWISSA63015
MOJefferson CountyCEDAR HILL63016
MOSt. Louis CountyCHESTERFIELD63017
MOJefferson CountyCRYSTAL CITY63019
MOJefferson CountyDE SOTO63020
MOSt. Louis CountyBALLWIN63021
MOSt. Louis CountyBALLWIN63022
MOJefferson CountyDITTMER63023
MOSt. Louis CountyBALLWIN63024
MOJefferson CountyBYRNES MILL63025
MOJefferson CountyFENTON63026
MOJefferson CountyFESTUS63028
MOJefferson CountyFLETCHER63030
MOSt. Louis CountyFLORISSANT63031
MOSt. Louis CountyFLORISSANT63032
MOSt. Louis CountyBLACK JACK63033
MOSt. Louis CountyFLORISSANT63034
MOSte. Genevieve CountyFRENCH VILLAGE63036
MOFranklin CountyGERALD63037
MOSt. Louis CountyELLISVILLE63038
MOFranklin CountyGRAY SUMMIT63039
MOSt. Louis CountyGROVER63040
MOFranklin CountyGRUBVILLE63041
MOSt. Louis CountyHAZELWOOD63042
MOSt. Louis CountyBRIDGETON63044
MOSt. Louis CountyEARTH CITY63045
MOJefferson CountyHEMATITE63047
MOJefferson CountyHERCULANEUM63048
MOJefferson CountyBYRNES MILL63049
MOJefferson CountyHILLSBORO63050
MOJefferson CountyBYRNES MILL63051
MOJefferson CountyIMPERIAL63052
MOJefferson CountyKIMMSWICK63053
MOFranklin CountyLABADIE63055
MOFranklin CountyLESLIE63056
MOJefferson CountyLIGUORI63057
MOFranklin CountyLONEDELL63060
MOFranklin CountyLUEBBERING63061
MOJefferson CountyMAPAVILLE63065
MOJefferson CountyMORSE MILL63066
MOFranklin CountyNEW HAVEN63068
MOFranklin CountyEUREKA63069
MOJefferson CountyPEVELY63070
MOWashington CountyRICHWOODS63071
MOFranklin CountyROBERTSVILLE63072
MOFranklin CountySAINT ALBANS63073
MOSt. Louis CountySAINT ANN63074
MOFranklin CountySAINT CLAIR63077
MOFranklin CountySTANTON63079
MOCrawford CountySULLIVAN63080
MOFranklin CountyUNION63084
MOJefferson CountyVALLES MINES63087
MOSt. Louis CountyMANCHESTER63088
MOFranklin CountyVILLA RIDGE63089
MOFranklin CountyWASHINGTON63090
MOFranklin CountyROSEBUD63091
MOSt. Louis CountyFENTON63099
MOSt. Louis citySAINT LOUIS63101
MOSt. Louis citySAINT LOUIS63102
MOSt. Louis CountySAINT LOUIS63103
MOSt. Louis citySAINT LOUIS63104
MOSt. Louis CountyCLAYTON63105
MOSt. Louis citySAINT LOUIS63106